T-top tent 1.6m

1.6m T-top tents are quick and easy to set up.

Optional extras
-Condensation Liners
-Tent mounting racks
-Lifting device for easy removal from vehicle
-Bottom mount Add a room (T-top only)

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  • PVC are welded on the seams (not stitched) – this prevents water to leak through roof, on joints or through stitching and therefore no flysheet needed to keep the tent dry.
  • No extra flysheets flapping in the wind like other tents or that can be blown off in the wind.
  • PVC is easy to clean i.e. bird droppings etc.
  • PVC is easy to repair when damage – a patch is glued onto PVC to seal roof.
  • The use of PVC on the roof enables us to use stronger and more rigged spring rods to create the correct tension in the canvas more than any other product on the market.
  • There is no temperature difference between canvas and PVC when used as a roof in the sun.
  • Overhang of PVC roof keeps the canvas side protected against dirt and rain, provides shade on tent sides and forms a canopy over entry doors


  • Military spec D450 rip stop are used for the side panels of the tent.
    Horizontal stitching are kept to a minimum to prevent water from seeping into tent.
  • All seams are double folded and stitched for extra strength and weather proofing.
  • All zip sliders have special protective flaps behind them to weather proof the zips.
  • All windows open from top to bottom to enable camper to adjust window gap from the top – windows can now be opened during rain and wind conditions as the opening is under a roof.
  • Doors are zipped only vertically and not horizontally to prevent damage to the bottom horizontal area when entering the tent and Velcro is used on the horizontal section.
  • Heavy duty mosquito netting on military specs with a dark colour is used to create privacy.
  • The Echo tent range is the only tent that enables the user to remove a condensation sheet from within the tent for washing purposes where all other tents absorb condensation through the canvas roofs which is not hygienic as the canvas cannot be washed with soap!

Steel Base Frame

  • Hinges are welded to the frame and not bolted through a wooden platform – a bolt tightened through wood will always collapse under too much pressure and vibration.
  • The frames are E-coated according to automotive specifications against corrosion. Fixing the tent to the roof rack is a lot easier and stronger and more reliable under extreme off-roading than putting the bolts through a wooden platform onto the roof rack.
  • No maintenance needed to be done on the Platform, i.e. treatment on the wood etc. The only tents in the world ever tested for the effect lightning will have on the tent, should it be struck by lightning The aluminium base together with the steel base, stainless steel cables and the u-frames forms a faraday cage (aeroplane’s are faraday cages). This means that should the tent get struck by lightning, the occupants in the tent will stand the best chance not to get injured by the lightning. NO OTHER TENTS KNOWN TO HAVE THIS FEATURE.
  • Should the tent get damaged i.e. the vehicle was rolled or tent being hit against a tree, repairs can easily be made to the tent structure for example straightening by a hammer, or welding new sections into the frame can be done all the opposition tents needs to be replaced.
  • Canvas are screwed to the frame and not stapled or slid into a rope section.
  • All of the above features form a rigid frame that enables the tent to withstand serious winds from any direction we tested our tents in a wind tunnel with wind speeds up to 120km/h when in the open position NONE OF OUR OPPOSITION CAN WITHSTAND SIMILAR WIND CONDITIONS THAT THE ECHO CAN. The cables enable the tent to carry up to 2 50kg on the unsupported, overhanging side without the support of the ladder(All other makes make use of the ladder for support for the overhanging section of the floor).


  • The cover has 12 straps – 3 on each side to enable applying stretch in all directions of the top section of the cover to minimize the ballooning of the cover. It also prevents dust and water from entering when mounted correctly the cover tugs around and underneath the tent to close it up and seal it properly.


  • The ladder can support weights up to 250kg.
  • Each step are shaped not to irritate or injure when climbing bare feet into the tent.
  • The steps are designed not to be slippery when wet.
  • The ladder can easily be cut or lengthened to desired length – this takes the bulkiness and size away that opposition tents have when closed – our tent folds away in a convenient 260mm high square box which reduces wind resistance and drag which ensures a small aerodynamic frontal area compared to other rooftop tents.
  • The user can store 2 x pillows, 1 x duvet and 1 x fitted sheet in the closed tent which no other tent allows. The normal lifespan will exceed 20 years on the tent and approximately 4 years on cover when exposed permanently to the sun. Same design since 1990!