Echo 4 Off-road Trailer

The Echo 4 Off-road trailer is an extreme off road camper and a step up from conventional off road trailers. It has found the perfect balance between loading capacity, weight, and functionality. Enhanced features, such as ample storage, dust sealing,100 litre water capacity, two options for the kitchen layout and weight distribution. A lockable nose cone provides excellent storage for a fridge/freezer unit with a control panel access door to easily check settings.

Additionally the Jerry cans are mounted to the outside of the trailer to free up more valuable space inside the trailer. This trailer is a reliable addition to the 4×4 enthusiast. It comes standard with a self braking axle to improve handling and also known for its comfort and easy towing. This makes it one of the ultimate campers to suit any wilderness adventure. Tried and trusted, The ECHO 4 remains a favorite for the serious outdoor explorer.

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Product Name



Tara 390kg
GVM 1500kg
Overall Width 1800mm
Overall Height 1530mm
Overall Length 3350
Load Body Width 1130mm
Load Body Length 2000mm
Load Body Height 910mm
Load Bed Volume 2057 litre
Nose Cone Volume 270 litre